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Public procurement


Procurement is a constituent part of every EU project, both for goods or services and for the performance of works.  

According to EU project procurement rules, there are two types of EU project funding beneficiaries, depending on whether they are required to comply with the Public Procurement Act or the Rules on the Implementation of Procurement Procedures for Entities not Subject to the Public Procurement Act.

In practice, almost 50 percent of all irregularities in the use of EU funds are due to errors in the implementation of public procurement, with the remaining 50 percent being related to poor management of contracted projects.


Successful procurement under EU projects requires specific know-how, which may be beyond the scope of daily operations of grant beneficiaries, which is why we provide advice in the drafting of procurement plans and corresponding documents, implementation of public procurement procedures and offer evaluation.  


Our objective here is to avoid irregularities in public procurement procedures, which may ultimately result in financial corrections of grants, i.e. non-acceptability of expenses, and thus jeopardize the entire project.

Regardless of the beneficiary category, applicable procurement rules are subject to frequent changes. Please feel free to contact us for development updates to help you successfully follow the procurement rules.

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