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Project implementation and evaluation


After you have successfully applied for an EU tender, you approach the demanding stage of converting your idea into reality. To ensure quality finalisation of your project, we help you coordinate the execution, submit all required reports and administrate project documents. The company provides project management services to ensure compliance with the Grant Agreement and obligations towards the contracting authority, respect of deadlines, project team coordination, project budget management and creation of progress reports. Project management is a highly complex process which the company implements on behalf of its clients through a number of activities:

  • Budget spending management
  • Project and budget change management
  • Preparation of reimbursement requests  
  • Correspondence with competent institutions
  • Drafting of final reports and disbursement requests

We also evaluate your project from the aspect of an impartial external evaluator with the objective of providing expert opinion and recommendation to enahance the project performance.

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