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Direct access to financial resources


The applicant must have a complete project funding structure for application purposes. This means that the amount corresponding to the difference between the total project value and the grant amount should be ensured either through a bank loan or in the form own funds or a combination of thereof.  

Banking service in the form of guarantee, letter of intent or loan is required already in the project proposal application stage. Likewise, since EU projects funds do not cover 100% of the investment value, other sources of funding must be available for the remaining amount.


As an OTP Group member, we can offer everything to make the financial aspects of EU project funding as easy as possible for you. We provide direct access to competent OTP bank departments to ensure that you receive, fast and hassle-free, banking products fully customised to your project and your needs.


Project co-funding options for clients:

1. Bank loan

If the applicant’s co-funding is covered by a bank loan, the applicant must submit the project proposal together with a non-binding letter of intent for the minimum amount of the total project value reduced by the requested grant amount.

2. Own funds  

Applicants using own sources for the co-funding must prove, when submitting the project proposal, that they have generated the total business earnings required by a particular tender.  

3. Combination funding

Applicants using both a bank loan and own funds for the co-funding are required to support the project proposal by a non-binding letter of intent issued by a bank and prove to have generated the total business earnings as defined in the tender documents, i.e. the share not covered by a future loan.  

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